the predator review

The Predator

In Shane Black’s “The Predator” a ragtag group of soldiers go head-to-head against a ruthless "space-alien" that kills humans for sport. If you’re thinking that...
Review: The Nun (2018, dir. Corin Hardy)

The Nun

Valak the Defiler. The Profane. Valac, les marquis des serpents. Those are the names of the demon at the brittle center of Corin Hardy’s otherwise delightfu...
Review: The First Purge (2018, dir. Gerard McMurray)

The First Purge

The Purge movies exist at the vertex of art and commerce of pulp culture. Straddled on the ingenuity of their conceit and the jolt of their gleeful violence, th...
disenchantment netflix review


I guess we can now say that Matt Groening has completed his trifecta of animated adult comedies. With “The Simpsons” taking place on present day and “Futurama” ...
Review: "The Meg" (2018, dir. Jon Turtletaub)

The Meg

Jason Statham fighting a prehistoric 70-foot killer shark. That’s about all you need to know coming into The Meg, a no-frills all-frisson shark schlocker tha...
christopher robin movie

Christopher Robin

I used to have a big Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy when I was kid - one that’s large enough for you to cuddle with at night, and similar enough to how Pooh actual...