Review: "Solo: A Star Wars Story" (2018, dir. Ron Howard)

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Editor's Note: There are major spoilers on this review. If you haven't watched "Solo: A Star Wars Story", you might want to skip reading. If the rebel insurg...
Review: "Deadpool 2" (2018, dir. David Leitch)

Deadpool 2

Katana-wielding wisecracks have existential woes too. At least that’s the two-year-old chicken soup that the new superhero film, “Deadpool 2”, insists you unspo...
mata tapang review

Mata Tapang

There’s more to Rod Marmol’s “Mata Tapang” than meets the eye (there are a lot of eye puns in this review, be forewarned). While it seems like a war film on the...
CineFilipino Review: "The Eternity Between Seconds" (2018, dir. Alec Figuracion)

The Eternity Between Seconds

Serendipity has its moments. Such enliven the better parts of Alec Figuracion’s “The Eternity Between Seconds”, a film that docks a mutable but very real sense ...
excuse me po cinefilipino movie review

Excuse Me Po

Ronald Espinosa’s CineFilipino 2018 entry, “Excuse Me Po”, feels like it wants to tackle many things at once. When it does, it becomes a hodge-podge of confusin...
CineFilipino Review: "Hitboy" (2018, dir. Bor Ocampo)


Alex (Adrian Cabido) is a fifteen-year-old boy who, out of desperation, had to take a job as a gun-for-hire. His father is confined in critical condition at the...
CineFilipino Review: "Mga Mister ni Rosario" (2018, dir. Alpha Habon)

Mga Mister ni Rosario

In 2008, narrative entities lifted themselves from the page to confront their creator. That confrontation happens in Ricky Lee’s debut novel, “Para Kay B”, a se...
Review: "Love, Simon" (2018, dir. Greg Berlanti)

Love, Simon

At the heart of George Berlanti’s “Love, Simon” is a precariously self-affirming message. “I’m just like you,” opens Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a handsome hig...