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Call To Arms: Help Unreel.ph cover Philippine (and world) cinema

Join the Unreel team and help cover Filipino movies.

Call To Arms: Help Unreel.ph cover Philippine (and world) cinema
Join Unreel.ph as a contributor:
Go to our Contribute Page or use the form embedded in this post.

Unreel has its sights on bigger things. Though our purpose and function remains the same—to foster open discussion on Philippine and world cinema—we want to do it in the best ways possible.

We want to put ourselves closer to you, our audience; to make our conversations about movies more open, empathic, and learned.

To hit these lofty ambitions, however, we’ll need your help.

Yes, you.

The unassuming creative who wants people to see the musicality in the works of, say, Tarog, and Eddie Romero before him. The veiled but immutable genius in Jadaone’s primly packaged movies. The time rifts made by Lav’s cinema. The soul fissures that gape open when you watch Brocka’s movies.

We mean you, our kindred spirit. We need your help.

Help out your film buddies

Before you bounce out, NO—we haven’t built a Patreon page, nor are we going to ask for you to crowdfund our platform.

Unreel is and always has been our passion project. It exists to help me serve a small function in the film community. Maintaining it shouldn’t be our audience’s concern. Also, it isn’t a concern right now. We are lucky to be in an okay place, monetizing the site.

But let’s not get this lost: we need your help.

We want your talent to help us build the better version of Unreel we have envisioned.

In short, we want you to join the team.

Details of our Call To Arms

We are looking for contributors who will help us with content creation. We need help with:

Film reviews

We can’t possibly cover every film on the regular. That’s why we need to outsource to some of you talented writers and thinkers out there.

In return, you’ll get free movie tickets (we pay for your ticket via GMovies) whenever you set out to write film reviews for us. Also, we don’t like mentioning it, but we have a tight-knit and engaged audience here, who will read your work and you can interact with.

Click here to read our reviews.

Articles, think pieces, and breakdowns

Watched a film or series that seems to have stuck in your head? Got an idea about movies you want to voice out?

Submit your pitches to us as a contributor and we’ll see how to make it happen.

We don’t offer monetary compensation…yet, but we’re working to build a profit-share program based on your piece’s traffic. Stay put for that.

Click here to read our features.

Videos and podcasts

As you may all be aware, Unreel is pushing in the A/V  direction, which means more videos and podcasts.

A big part of our work is spent now on our YouTube channel and our first podcast, Pervision.

We don’t expect you to come work with us on these, but if you want to get involved, drop us a line and we’ll think of a setup that will benefit us both.

In closing

Unreel has always been a passion project. Aptly, we’re looking for people who are passionate about the art, craft, and culture of movies.

If you feel like you fit the bill, drop us a line via our Contribute Page. Or submit your application directly through this form below.

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