A bowl of healthy internet debate over movies and pop culture, please

Our comments policy is unnecessary but humanity requires it

Let’s talk comments. We’ve built Unreel to serve as a platform for movie fans—specifically, those who love Philippine and world cinema—to cast their opinions on movies and pop culture by fostering healthy and insightful discussions.

As Unreel grows, both in traffic and size, there’s going to be an interesting mix of opinions—and inevitably, clashes. We feel it’s time to set up some house rules regarding discussion on our platform. This should apply to all our platforms across the board, including our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), the blog (where you’re reading this on), and any other channels we build, including the Movie Club group and the Slack channel we’re trying to build. We think you’re an intelligent bunch and expect that you’ll use our website with our rules in respectful mind.

Here goes our discussion policy.

[divider]Unreel’s Discussion Policy[/divider]

  • This isn’t a place for homophobia, racism, sexism, bigotry, and such other hate comments. We’re very critical of this, as we think all websites should be. Everyone is welcome to Unreel, except those who hate on people, topics, films, and more, based on race, nationality, gender, sexuality, and religious belief. In short, homophobes, racists, bigots, and other usual suspects will be unfriended, blocked, wiped off in our own version of existence, cast into the abyss never to return in our lives. No one needs that kind of shit. Not here. Not anywhere.
  • Regarding politics…the hokiest subject. We’ve got no place for apathy here. Be political if you must, but the worse thing to do is be a fence-sitter. We don’t need apathetic boo-hoo-but-I-don’t-have-a-political-opinion assholes here. But if you’re going to be political, we want you to back up your arguments. This is, after all, a place for healthy, intelligent debates. For short, don’t be turds.
  • We want real arguments, not attacks. You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a difference. When making your argument, aim it at the film or the topic at hand, not at the person at the other end of the argument. Don’t attack their personality; it only makes you the douchebag, and also prone to being kicked out on this website.
  • We won’t ban anyone based on race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religious belief, and—most importantly!—taste in film, art, music, etc. We won’t kick you out if you disagree with our opinions or other commenters’, so long as you make a respectful counterargument and not assault our or their personalities. We’re founded on the very idea that everyone has different tastes and we have the greatest respect for that. If you like Hollywood movies, cool, that’s great, feel free to discuss that with the community—every point of view is welcome here, so long as they are rendered with respect, backed with smart points, and founded on genuine thought.
  • The “should-go-without-saying” house rules. These, as the first sentence tells, should go without saying: No spamming, no scams, no posts/comments that aren’t related to movies or pop culture.

[divider]End of Unreel’s Discussion Policy[/divider]

We expect that by using our site, you’ll abide by our house rules. We don’t want to be dick-tators, but someone’s got to moderate when things get heated in our comment section.

If you have questions, concerns, and suggestions to make our community better, feel free to comment below.

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