WATCH: Enthralling 8-Minute Silent Film Cut of 'Dunkirk'

Video: 8-Minute Silent Film Reshaping of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Enthralls

Christopher Nolan’s depiction of the Second World War in his war-epic, “Dunkirk,” is among cinema’s most striking, owing to an adept concerted filmmaking by Nolan and his crew. The film trails allied soldiers of France and the British Empire in an attempt to flee from Belgium, after the grisly aftermath of their battle against the German Army.

“Dunkirk,” on its own, is a wonder. However, video essayist Tom van der Linden (of the YouTube channel, “Like Stories Of Old”), thinks that emulating a silent film effect on top of Nolan’s already ripe work will yield interesting results. Surely, it did.

Watch the film in full from the video embedded above.

Dunkirk silent

“Everything for me in this film is about intensity and suspense, and so I wanted to address the story very much in the language of suspense,” Nolan tells in an interview that preludes the silent film treatment, lush and era-specific designs. “That’s the most visual language of film there is, and so it leads you towards an approach stripped down of dialogue really looking to the visual masters of the Silent Era.”

WATCH: Enthralling 8-Minute Silent Film Cut of 'Dunkirk'