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The Short List #7: “Irene”

The Short List #7: “Irene”

The Short List #1: "Sweet Things" (2018, dir. Henry K. Norvalls)The Short List is our running list of notable short features available online. Every week, we share one short film which we think deserves to be watched by many. The short films included in our list can come from any country but has to be publicly available online. Click here to see the full list of short films—you can also submit your own.

This week’s short film highlight is Patricia Galucci’s award-winning short, “Irene”. The story is about an old lady named yep, Irene, who one day comes home to an unexpected visit from her granddaughter, who brought along a friend to stay over the weekend. Irene is clearly uncomfortable having her visitors – the youthful energy they brought to her isolated home seems to stir something in her. Feelings and thoughts that she thought were already long gone.

Watch Patricia Galucci’s Filme Curta Irene in Viddsee below:

The film’s plot is fleeting yet satisfying. None of the characters said much dialogue, but the scenes were sexually and emotionally charged. There is eroticism in the slowness of the film yet it also holds back. Like cruel foreplay that only teases but never really come into fruition. That is, until we get to the film’s climax, where Irene embraces these feelings – giving in to these long-forgotten desires.

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