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The Short List #12: “Neither Man Nor Beast (Hindi Tao Hindi Hayop)”

Neither man nor beast viddsee
The Short List #1: "Sweet Things" (2018, dir. Henry K. Norvalls)

The Short List is our running list of notable short features available online. Every week, we share one short film which we think deserves to be watched by many. The short films included in our list can come from any country but has to be publicly available online. Click here to see the full list of short films—you can also submit your own.

Dennis Empalmado’s Neither Man Nor Beast (Hindi Tao Hindi Hayop) does not skirt around incest as a taboo, particularly in the Philippines. Normally, anything that is culturally unaccepted or repulsive would make you want to look away but in this case, the film draws you in deeper. You become a willing spectator as the tragedy unfolds.

Interestingly, Neither Man Nor Beast (Hindi Tao Hindi Hayop) is inspired by a true story that happened in Empalmado’s hometown. In this film, we follow how the lives of a matriarch and her two sons are shattered by the seemingly harmless visit of a close relative. One mistake leads to another, and you can tell from the crude symbolism that the story will not end well.

Watch Dennis Empalmado’s Neither Man Nor Beast (Hindi Tao Hindi Hayop) in Viddsee below:

As of writing, Neither Man Nor Beast (Hindi Tao Hindi Hayop) is one of the most popular films on Viddsee, and the most popular Filipino short film on the platform.

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