The Short List #15: “The Egg”

Gives a whole new meaning to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

the egg short film
The Egg Short Film
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What happens after we die?

Are we greeted by the pearly gates of heaven? Do we get reincarnated as another life form? Would we finally know the answers to all the secrets of the universe?

Kurzgesagt’s animated short film titled, “The Egg” gives us a mind-blowing, and somewhat hopeful answer. The film is an adaptation of an original short story written by Andy Weir, and is about a man who died, and then had a conversation with God. Just like what anyone would do, the man starts asking questions about his life, the universe, and his entire existence. The answers that he gets are are all simple yet astounding at the same time.

the egg andy weir Kurzgesagt

The Kurzgesagt Youtube channel is dedicated to “explaining things with optimistic nihilism”. The Channel normally features informative videos that cover topics such as science, philosophy, and psychology. “The Egg” is a deviation from their usual infographics-type format, but used the same kind of animation to tell Andy Weir’s short story instead.

the egg short film
Image from Kurzgesagt’s The Egg Short Film

The revelation at the end of Andy Weir’s “The Egg” leads to more questions than what it answers, but it is satisfyingly thought-provoking. Watch Kurzgesagt’s version of The Egg short film below.

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