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The Short List #3: “Vesuvius”

The Short List #3: “Vesuvius”

The Short List #1: "Sweet Things" (2018, dir. Henry K. Norvalls)The Short List is our running list of notable short features available online. Every week, we share one short film which we think deserves to be watched by many. The short films included in our list can come from any country but has to be publicly available online. Click here to see the full list of short films—you can also submit your own.

This film is an accurate depiction of my uneasiness around religious sculptures. Ever felt like these “rebulto” were following you around with their eyes, or imagined them to spring to life when you’re not looking? Erik Matti’s short film “Vesuvius” plays with that fear. You may never look at those holy statues the same way again.

“Vesuvius” has been released as the final episode of YOMYOMF’s Silent Terror Series. It tells the story of a young man who appear to be visited by an apparition of the Virgin Mary. He heeds the whispers of the apparition that he thinks is holy. But then, not all visitations are real – sometimes this is a demon in disguise.

Watch Erik Matti’s “Vesuvius” by clicking the play button in the preview above.

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