The Short List: Weekly Recommended Short Films by Unreel PH

The Short List

The Short List #1: "Sweet Things" (2018, dir. Henry K. Norvalls)The Short List is our running list of notable short features available online. Every week, we share one short film which we think deserves to be watched by many. The short films included in our list can come from any country but has to be publicly available online.

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The Short List by Unreel

Below is the list of the short films we recommend you watch (in order of coverage):

  1. “Sweet Things” by Henry K. Norvalls – 2018 / Drama / Norway
  2. “Ruweda” (“Wheel”) by Hannah Espia – 2012 / Drama / Philippines
  3. “Vesuvius” by Erik Matti – 2012 / Horror, Drama / Philippines
  4. “Breathless” by Oleksii Sobolev – 2018 / Experimental / Russia
  5. “Truth in Journalism” by Joe Lynch – 2013 / Thriller / United States
  6. Childish Gambino’s “This is America” by Hiro Murai – 2018 / Music Video / United States
  7. Filme Curta “Irene” by Patricia Galucci – 2011 / Drama / Brazil


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