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"Mina-Anud" Review: Throwing caution to the waves
Kerwin Go translates a tragic true story into a frenetic comedy caper without losing the tragedy. Read More
ready or not review
Think your in-laws are the worst? Wait ‘til you see Matt Bettinelli-Olpin... Read More

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Our rating rubric

The way we write movie reviews (and TV recaps) takes into account three key experience points: 1.) anticipation, or our expectations for how the movie turns out; 2.) experience, or the personal and objective value we get while watching the movie; and 3.) in hindsight, or our appraisal of the movie's story, themes, technicalities, and other factors after much contemplation.

We have taken cue from Little White Lies, who uses a similar rubric albeit with a 4-point rating scale. 

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aladdin review
I don’t know if whoever wished for a live-action adaptation of Disney’s... Read More
Jackson A. Dunn in "Brightburn" / Photo via Columbia Pictures
Like its eponymous superhuman, “Brightburn” and its confused and conflicting identity leads to a whole lot of destruction. Read More
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