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The “Alone/Together” trailer has dropped, debunking internet’s crazy theories

"Iba na ang buhay ko. Iba na rin ang buhay mo."

WATCH: “Alone/Together” trailer shows a LizQuen grown out of love
Film featured
"Alone Together"
Antoinette Jadaone
Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Luis Alandy...
Release date
February 13, 2019

Everything we know so far about LizQuen’s new movie “Alone/Together”Antoinette Jadaone’s “Alone/Together” has released its official trailer last night, and has LizQuen fans—rightly—riled up.

The two-minute trailer expounds on the story of Raf and Christine, played respectively by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, following the two possibly outgrowing their love for one another. The official synopsis offers:

“College sweethearts Christine and Raf meet again for the first time, five years after their breakup. As both now live a life different from each other, their reunion takes them back to their youth, their dreams, and the feelings they shared back in the day.”

Though this synopsis isn’t all that specific, it’s also a far cry from the internet’s wild(est) guess about the movie so far: that Gil’s Raf had died, much to Christrine’s sorrow and regret. The trailer shows Raf and Christine interacting following the admittedly conspicuous scene featuring the latter weeping in a black dress. We put our money away the “Enrique Gil’s character died” theory for now.

The film is written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, whose previous works include “That Thing Called Tadhana” and “Never Not Love You”. Produced by Black Sheep, the film hits Philippine theaters on February 13, 2019.

Watch the “Alone/Together” trailer by clicking the play button on the featured image above or the video embedded below.

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