Astro Boo Upcoming Original Series: Purya Gaba Teaser

Astro Boo Upcoming Original Series

Astro Boo has been teasing about their upcoming original series, “Doors: A Philippine Horror Anthology”. Earlier this week, it released the teaser-trailer for the fifth episode of the series – “Purya Gaba” by Victor Villanueva. Click the play button in the featured image above to watch the video.

In what is described as a “gross-out comedy horror”, a young man applies for a job at “Purya Gaba Inn”. He gets hired, but with a stern warning to stay away from Room 13.

“Purya Gaba” will be showing this Saturday, 10:30pm at Astro Boo. The whole series, “Doors: A Philippine Horror Anthology” will be coming soon to the Philippines. Check out the teasers of the other Astro Boo Originals below:

Astro Boo Originals Episode 1: Daddy’s Home by Bradley Liew

Astro Boo Originals Episode 2: Inhabitants by Lawrence Fajardo

Astro Boo Originals Episode 3: Nephilim by Dodo Dayao

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