"Citizen Jake" Release Date: Mike De Leon's new film opens May 23rd

“Citizen Jake” Release Date: Mike De Leon’s new film opens May 23

"Citizen Jake" Release Date: Mike De Leon's new film opens May 23rdMike De Leon’s new film, “Citizen Jake”, finally has a release date. Taking to the film’s official Facebook Page, Mr. De Leon expressed his hopes for the film’s release. He says: “My film may be fiction, but it is based on truths we ignore at our own risk. It should be seen by its audience in its original version, without cuts, and without compromise.

The film shadows disgruntled journalist Jake Herrera as he reluctantly involves himself to a string of murders of young prostitutes in the idyllic city of Baguio. It marks Mr. De Leon’s return to Philippine cinema after “Bayaning Third World,” which premiered eighteen years ago, and the acting debut of real-life reporter, Atom Araullo.

We’re among the lucky few to have seen the film during its premiere at the Cine Adarna, UPFI last March. Of the film, I’ve had this to say:

“Citizen Jake” stars Araullo, Luis Alandy, Nonie Buencamino, Max Collins, Teroy Guzman, Cherie Gil, and Dina Bonnevie. Check out the official synopsis:

A drama about the personal saga of a Filipino and his struggles with the contradictions within his own social class and the demands of a dysfunctional political family in a Third World nation.

“Citizen Jake” opens across Philippine theaters on May 23, 2018. The film is distributed by Solar Entertainment.