WATCH: "Culion" teaser trailer marks John Lloyd Cruz's return
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“Culion” Teaser-Trailer: Town harrowed in Alvin Yapan’s period drama

The film is written by Ricky Lee.

Film featured:
Alvin Yapan
Iza Calzad, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Meryll Soriano, John Lloyd Cruz
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The teaser-trailer for Culion, a period drama set in the ’40s in the titular Palawan town, has been unveiled. Alvin Yapan directs a screenplay written by Ricky Lee. Shandi Bacolod produces.

The movie also marks the return of John Lloyd Cruz to making movies, albeit only in a cameo role. His previous film was with Sarah Geronimo in Theodore Boborol’s Finally Found Someone. The actor made the announcement in 2017 that he would be taking a break from showbiz.

Culion follows the stories of three women from the ’40s. The synopsis reads:

“Anna, Doris, and Ditas are three leper patients who live in Culion at a time when the disease is practically a life sentence. No cure has yet been found, and no one is allowed to leave. Together the three friends try to negotiate a life of stigma that seesaws between hope and despair, redefining their roles as women, mothers, friends, and human beings. In the end, they prove that neither disease nor death can erase their humanity and their capacity to endure.”

Iza Calzado, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and Meryll Soriano play the roles of three women, respectively. Joem Bascon and Mike Liwag star alongside them.

Written by Ricky Lee, whose prolific filmography includes such films as Himala, Cain at Abel, and Muro-Ami, the film aims to shed some light on Hansen’s disease and those afflicted by it. Yapan hopes that the film makes it so that leprosy patients will be seen “in a different and more compassionate light.”

Culion also serves as a homecoming to Yapan, who recently announced his hiatus from making movies. This follows the controversy behind his film Oro and its disqualification from the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival. The film caught fire from the press and film stakeholders after news broke alleging that they bludgeoned a real dog in one of their scenes.

Watch Culion‘s teaser-trailer here:

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Culion opens in theaters soon.

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