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“DOTGA” Teaser-Trailer: Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang Exorcise Ghosts and Jokes

“DOTGA” Teaser-Trailer: Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang Exorcise Ghosts and Jokes

The first teaser-trailer for Tony Y. Reyes’ “DOTGA” has dropped online, and it’s just as chewy a Star Cinema film as one expects from one that’s titled “Da One That Ghost Away”. There are just as many horror references as insufferably silly gags in this minute-and-a-half teaser, which seems to prime the film as a hor-com cut from the same cloth as Joyce Bernal’s “D’Anothers” (2001). If anything, it looks stupid fun, and Kim Chiu seems to be having a blast.

Watch the teaser by hitting the play button above. Here’s a quick logline for the film.

A wealthy young man (Pineda) offers a smitten young woman (Kim Chiu) and her team of paranormal investigators one million pesos to exterminate the ghosts that infest his home.

“DOTGA” is directed by Tony Y. Reyes and stars Kim Chiu, Ryan Bang, Enzo Pineda Lassy, Moi Bien, and Pepe Herrera. It opens across Philippine theaters on April 18th.

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