Jerrold Tarog says “Darna” production still a-bustling, despite Liza Soberano’s departure

For the third time: Who will play Darna?

Jerrold Tarog reassures “Darna” production still a-bustling, despite Liza Soberano’s departure
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News broke last night about Liza Soberano’s decision to surrender the Darna mantel to somebody else; funnily, it happened days after our April Fool’s joke in which we claimed Netflix has bought the movie in advance.

The reason behind Soberano’s decision to withdraw is similar to that of Angel Locsin, which was due to physical injury. Soberano notes in a tearful video that the injury—a fracture on her right hand—happened during the filming of her television series, Bagani, which was around the same time she was put in preparation for the role.

The actress was supposed to undergo a third surgery when she announced her departure. “I’ve been undergoing therapy. I had surgery twice na po. We’ve been trying to fix it, but lately, these past few weeks, we’ve decided na maybe it’s best if I don’t push through with it, because baka maging hindrance lang po siya for me to be able to do the stunts properly,” she said.

The movie, which was originally set to be in Erik Matti’s helm, is directed by Jerrold Tarog. Taking to Twitter, he addressed the issue and reassured fans that production for the movie is still quite busy.

What does this mean for the “Darna” movie? Though pre-production for Tarog’s take of the movie is still ongoing, casting a new lead actor will unquestionably further push back the team, schedule-wise. It’s safe to assume that the release date will be pushed back further as well.

All this leads to the million-dollar question: Who will play Darna?

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