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David F. Sandberg just made a whole short film…while on lockdown

Because what else is there to do?

Before establishing himself as an adept Hollywood filmmaker, David F. Sandberg was known for his viral horror shorts. The most famous example “Lights Out” comes to mind, a short which grew so popular it spun its own full-length film. Sandberg would later make shorts like “Attic Panic”, “Pictured”, “Closet Space”, “Cam Closer”, and more.

Though narratively unrelated, his shorts bear quite a lot of similarity. Often brisk at three to four minutes, each short sets up an effective scare – one that predicates not from loud non-diegetic stingers, but from actual tension that Sandberg expertly builds up.

The best example of this is, again, the one that started it all – “Lights Out”. Everything from the build-up to the release is perfection, like a chef’s kiss. Much of this sensibility Sandberg carries over his full-length work, from the feature-length “Lights Out”, “Ouija: Origin of Evil”, and yes, even “Shazam!”.

And while all forms of production are halted to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Sandberg and his spouse, Lotta Losten, did what any filmmaking duo would: make a movie.

In much the same vein as his previous shorts, “Shadowed” follows Losten’s perpetually spooked character, this time taunted by entities that seem to exist in the shadows. A stout torch in hand, she surveys her darkroom, then her corridors, and – you know how it goes.

It’s amazing what Sandberg can make with practically nothing. And if “Shadowed” is any indication, it’s further proof that “Shazam!” and other I.P. movies he’ll handle will at least be in very capable hands.

Watch Sandberg’s new film below.

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