Mikhail Red's "Dead Kids" premieres on CinemaOne Originals ahead of Netflix release
The cast of "Dead Kids" // PelikulaRED, Globe Studios

Mikhail Red’s “Dead Kids” premieres at Cinema One Originals ahead of Netflix release

The film will serve as the closing film to the festival.

Film(s) featured:
"Dead Kids" (2019)
Mikhail Red
Khalil Ramos, Sue Ramirez, Gabby Padilla, Vance Larena, Markus Peterson, Kelvin Miranda, and Jan Silverio
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Cat’s out of the bag. Dead Kids, the latest from filmmaker Mikhail Red, is headed for Netflix as the streaming giant’s first original feature film.

That, of course, means little in the way of production. We have all known for a while that this is, in fact, a completely Filipino production made by Globe Studios. But it means significant promotion and distribution from Netflix’s part. Everyone with a Netflix subscription will see Dead Kids in their library, with the coveted Netflix branding on it. And if the algorithm works predictably, it should show it to me as a giant-ass banner spotlight on the homepage.

Today’s development comes from our friends at Cinema One Originals, who tell us that while the film is headed for Netflix, Filipinos (at least those near C1’s participating cinemas) will be able to catch the film in its one-time theatrical screening. Dead Kids will serve as the fest’s closing film.

The crime-thriller follows a group of students who conspire to kidnap a classmate for ransom money. Red himself has described the film to be like “Reservoir Dogs set in high school“.

Red has had a prolific few years, starting with his acclaimed neo-western Birdshot and neo-noir Neomanila. These two films have opened the filmmaker up to more opportunities, the most recent being the recently released Eerie and the forthcoming Filipino zombie flick, Block Z.

Dead Kids stars Khalil Ramos, Sue Ramirez, Gabby Padilla, Vance Larena, Markus Peterson, Kelvin Miranda, and Jan Silverio. It drops on Netflix “later this year”, but IMDb lists the release date as December 1, 2019.

Watch the trailer:

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