WATCH: “Dead Kids” trailer teases haute-tension youth thriller

Mikhail Red’s thriller “Dead Kids” drops first trailer

“Isang akto para baguhin ang buhay mo.”

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"Dead Kids" (2019)
Mikhail Red
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Globe Studios has dropped the first trailer for Mikhail Red’s youth thriller, Dead Kids starring Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, Gabbie Padilla, and Markus Peterson, among others.

The trailer, which premiered first via Screen Anarchy, offers the basic premise of the film: A rag-tag group of high school students band together to kidnap their excessively chauvinist classmate, who belongs to a filthy-rich dynasty of corrupt politicians.

The plan, obviously, is to extort money from the corrupt Chinese family, which comes at a perfect time considering all the hoopla that’s been going down recently.

Check out some screen grabs we lifted from the first trailer.

Last week, we reported on the “sneak-peek” photos from Red’s other ongoing project, Block Z, which is coming sometime later this year. That film is also set mostly inside a school setting, as does the Bea Alonzo and Charito Solis-led horror flick, Eerie, due out next week.

Though I doubt it’s canon, we might just have a Mikhail Red “school” trilogy in our hands.

Globe Studios is calling the two-minute clip a “first trailer”, so we’re assuming there will be more footage to uncover when the official-official trailer comes out soon.

Written by Nikolas Red (that’s Mikhail’s brother!), the film is expecting a 2019 release, presumably an earlier date than that of Block Z.

Watch the trailer here: