Astro Boo Originals and Epicmedia Release Teaser for “Doors: A Philippine Horror Anthology”.

Doors: A Philippine Horror Anthology

Epic Media has posted on their Facebook Page the teaser-trailer for “Doors: A Philippine Horror Anthology”. It will be composed of 13 episodes by 7 directors, namely Dodo Dayao, Jade Castro, Pepe Diokno, Lawrence Fajardo, Bradley Liew, Victor Villanueva and Sherad Sanchez. Click the play button above to play the video.

There’s a lot that has been revealed in the trailer. Possessions, shapeshifters, and what appears to be a cult led by a fierce Odette Khan are only some of the stories we could be seeing “behind every closed door”. We also have glimpses of an eerie-looking Room 13, dismembered body parts, and a lady in white looking unnaturally through an old TV screen.

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Aside from the preview, not much has been announced yet on the Facebook post, including when the anthology will be released. However, another version of the video posted on Facebook indicates that “Doors: A Philippine Horror Anthology” premiered last February 3, 2018.

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