LOOK: First Stills for Mikhail Red's "Eerie" Surface

First Stills for Mikhail Red’s “Eerie” Surface

LOOK: First Stills for Mikhail Red's "Eerie" SurfaceFollowing such acclaimed indie darlings as “Birdshot” and “Neomanila”, Mikhail Red returns with “Eerie”, a co-production between Singapore and the Philippines via 108 Media and Star Cinema. The film marks Red’s first foray into horror, though it isn’t like his penchant for horror isn’t peppered in his films, most vividly in his breakout film, “Birdshot.”

“Eerie,” which stars Bea Alonzo (“One More Chance”) and Charo Santos-Concio (“The Woman Who Left”), is pegged as a “horror-mystery” and is going to be set in the 90’s. Here’s the full synopsis:

Set in the 1990s, the film centers on a clairvoyant counselor who investigates a murder in a Catholic school where the only witness is the ghost of a suicide victim.

The first few stills have been released via a report on Screen Anarchy. See them at the top of our post.

Details are as yet unofficial, but with a local outfit as big as Star Cinema, it’s safe to expect a release as early as this year.