WATCH: "Exes Baggage" trailer reunites Carlo and Angelica

“Exes Baggage” Trailer: No lover leaves unscathed in CarGel’s reunion movie

WATCH: "Exes Baggage" trailer reunites Carlo and AngelicaBlack Sheep, Star Cinema’s millennial-focused mini-film outfit, has just dropped the trailer for its upcoming romantic dramedy, “Exes Baggage”. Directed by Dan Villegas (“English Only, Please”, “Mayohan”), the film reunites Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban—interestingly real-life exes—in a story that centers around, well…uh, exes.

The trailer leaves us little in the way of story, but we know from watching it that Carlo and Angelica—or CarGel, if you’re up to speed with the verbiage—play Nick and Pia, respectively. We take from the trailer that, like others, the two meet, fall in love, and quickly learn that, well gosh darn it, that’s not enough.

We first reported on the film late last June, where we laid out the lowdown on the upcoming ABS-CBN film. We also took note of the film’s marketing which had its stars in social media ubiquity months in leading to the film’s release.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out another one-sheet for the film, as posted online:

WATCH: "Exes Baggage" trailer reunites Carlo and Angelica

“Exes Baggage” will open across Philippine theaters on September 26, 2018.