WATCH: Netflix Comedy 'Game Over, Man!' Unveils First Trailer
Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Adam Devine in the Netflix Film GAME OVER MAN!

Trailer for Netflix’s Game Over, Man! Teases Unlikely Workaholics Reunion

Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm have reunited for Kyle Newachek’s “Game Over, Man!”, a new Netflix comedy set for release in March this year. Indeed an early reunion for the four, the film is their first project together since the freshly wrapped comedy series “Workaholics”. Netflix has dropped the first trailer for the new film, which you can find embedded above.

It looks well and fine, surely a possible career-turning hit for the three leads, especially Devine, who has been stellar at everything he’s recently appeared in. The film, written by Holm, is about three men who buffer as bellhops at a fancy Los Angeles hotel while waiting for financing to come through for their video game idea. As fate would have it, the hotel where the three work at gets taken hostage by armed gunmen.

“Game Over, Man!” is hitting the Netflix library on March 23rd.