"Halfworlds" Season 3: Mikhail Red helms Filipino HBO original series

Mikhail Red is set to direct the third season of HBO’s “Halfworlds”

Bianca Umali and Sam Concepcion are also cast as leads.

Series featured:
"Halfworlds" (Season 3)
HBO Asia
Mikhail Red
Bianca Umali, Sam Concepcion

Mikhail Red has recently been touring major film outfits in the States. The director of 2015’s acclaimed thriller, Birdshot, has long expressed his goal of putting the Philippines at the forefront of world cinema, and he has yet to pump his breaks.

This weekend, his new film, Dead Kids, is set to premiere on Netflix. It is officially the first Netflix Original Film.

Today, Red took to his Twitter page to announce a new project, one that is certainly aligned with his overarching goal. “We’re not done yet, 2019,” he tweets. “Honored to be directing the first Philippine HBO Original miniseries.”

The mini-series he’s referring to is Halfworlds, which is due for its third season renewal at HBO Asia. The show is set in modern-day Asia which veils an underground world replete with demons from myths and folklore. The third season finds the show going to “the gun-stricken streets of Manila, where bloodthirsty mythical creatures known as engkantos live out in the open amongst humans.”

HBO Asia has also shared a synopsis for the mini-series: “Alex, a half-human and half-Engkanto seeks to find the original source of the dwindling haven plant to heal all Engkantos of their hunger for human flesh amidst the war between the Engkanto tribes over the coveted plant and power.”

Bianca Umali (Banal) and Sam Concepcion (Indak) are cast to play the mini-series’ lead roles. A co-production between HBO Asia and Cignal Entertainment, the eight-episode miniseries starts filming early next year, with Umali and Concepcion joining some of the series’ returning cast embers.

Check out the trailer for last season:

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