“Hello, Love, Goodbye” Reviews: What critics are saying

Cathy Garcia-Molina's new film is capturing the hearts of fans and critics alike.

"Hello, Love, Goodbye" Reviews: Critics, fans are loving it
Kathryn Bernardo in "Hello, Love, Goodbye" // Star Cinema
Film(s) featured:
"Hello, Love, Goodbye"
Cathy Garcia-Molina
Alden Richards, Kathryn Bernardo, Maymay Entrata, Joross Gamboa, Jameson Blake
Release Date:
July 31, 2019

Critics and fans seem to be on the same page on Cathy Garcia-Molina’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, as reviews for the new film start to pour in.

Produced by Star Cinema, the film peeks into the lives of OFWs in Hong Kong. It stars Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo, a pair-up that stirs quite a few pots, in that the public has been trained to see them paired with their respective on-screen tandems (in Bernardo’s case, her real-life partner).

And maybe that’s a good thing. Where the MCU legion crossover for easter eggs, maybe Philippine cinema crossover for that four-letter word.

But then, as Click The City’s Wanggo Gallaga points out, “[the movie] is way more than just a love story. It really delves deep into the choices that a person must make between love and family and one’s own dreams.”

Philbert Dy—who shares his thoughts on the movie via Letterboxd and his video review—adds that “as the romance takes the fore, the movie is smart enough to make it all feel burdened by the tragedies inherent to a people who have resigned themselves to the reality of a home that can no longer be their home.”

“It is handsomely made and consistently acted,” offers Rappler’s Oggs Cruz. “Bernardo inhabits the overworked domestic helper who is pushed to being angry at the world quite seamlessly. Richards, on the other hand, manages to transform his happy-go-lucky ladies’ man into a believable hopeless romantic.”

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” is now in theaters.

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