Nadine Lustre in "Indak" / Photo via Viva Entertainment.
Nadine Lustre in "Indak" / Photo via Viva Entertainment.

“Indak” Trailer: Nadine Lustre-led dance movie locks in for an August release

The new film opens in theaters August 2019.

Film(s) featured:
Paul Basinillo
Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion
Release Date:
August 2019

The electrifying first trailer for Nadine Lustre’s forthcoming dance movie, “Indak”, has dropped. Along with a bunch of new footage (adding to last month’s teaser), the trailer also announces the movie’s release to be August 2019.

The dance-musical film is directed by Paul Basinillo, a known concert and music video director who’s done work for Sarah Geronimo and other A-list pop artists.

From the trailer, one can pluck out what the film—vaguely—is going to be about. Lustre’s Jen, a young Filipina dancer, is shepherded by Vin (played by Concepcion) to the sport of professional dance. It all feels very familiar, but considering the number of shots of Lustre somberly navigating this new world, we have reason to hope that “Indak” will have more dramatic weight like “Magic Mike” rather than all-spectacle like “Step Up” (which isn’t a bad thing, either).

Attached to the trailer are songs from the original movie soundtrack as well (including a cover of Sarah Geronimo’s “Ikot-Ikot”). Take a listen.

“Indak” opens in Philippine theaters in August 2019.

Watch the trailer below:

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