WATCH: "Kasal" trailer shows Bea Alonzo reluctant to put a ring on it

“Kasal” Trailer: Secrets keep Bea Alonzo from putting a ring on it

After its many impressive indie-inclined outings (e.g. “The Woman Who Left”, and the upcoming “Eerie”), you would think that Star Cinema, as a film outfit, is past infidelity dramas. But here we sit, with a new film from Ruel S. Bayani (of “No Other Woman” fame), with another film about an engaged couple challenged by a third person. Bayani’s new film, “Kasal”, seems to invert his previous efforts, having this time a woman (Bea Alonzo) thrust at the center of a triangle love affair, with her previous lover (Derek Ramsay) suddenly popping up in the picture.

Watch the trailer in full by hitting the play button at the top of this post. Bayani vaguely describes his film:

“…one of difficult choices, the story of which focuses on three complex characters whose lives intersect at one point.”

Directed by Bayani and starring Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay, and Paulo Avelino, “Kasal” opens across Philippine theaters on May 16th.