"Liway" opens in theaters this week. You should watch it.

“Liway” opens in theaters this week. You should watch it.

Festival Report: Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2018, reviewedTaking a quick second to champion “Liway“, a film that, though I’ve found difficult to love without inhibitions, is something that every Filipino must watch today. It’s currently showing in theaters, and I’m vying for your support of it, especially during the first days of its playdate through this weekend.

The film first made its run at the 2018 Cinemalaya Film Festival, where it earned the Special Commendation from the Festival Jury.

I’ve said this of the film in my 2018 Cinemalaya dispatch:

The most fascinating thing about Liway is its own conception. Kip Oebanda, the film’s director, dramatizes events from his childhood as chronicled by his mother, Kumander Liway (Glaiza De Castro). And though the film is uneven in parts and far from perfect as a whole, it unfolds with such deeply felt resonance that it becomes easy to forego its flaws. Truth be told, there are less pedagogic films about Martial Law than it, but few are also as impassioned.

Written and directed by Kip Oebanda, “Liway” stars Dominic Rocco, Soliman Cruz, and Khalil Ramos. Introducing Kenken Nuyad. Find the film on Facebook for updates.

Watch the trailer: