Mikhail Red drops details on his new film “Dead Kids”, “Block Z” and more

Mikhail Red drops details on his new film “Dead Kids”, “Block Z” and more

The acclaimed filmmaker has a number of films on the pipeline.

Last week, Mikhail Red took to his Instagram account to hold something of an AMA (ask me anything) sesh with his followers. In it, the acclaimed filmmaker of “Birdshot” gamely answered fan questions about his forthcoming projects—”Dead Kids”, “Block Z”, and “Eerie”, among others—via Instagram stories.

Here’s the lowdown.

Red’s new film, “Dead Kids” is currently in pre-production. He’d wrapped auditions for key roles in the film, as seen in his previous Instagram posts. Little is known about the new film, but according to the AMA it’s “loosely based on true events” and it’s inspired by Red’s generation.

The Facebook page for “Dead Kids” describes the film as a “young abduction thriller” about “a group of high school misfits planning an elaborate kidnap-for-ransom plot targeting their school’s alpha jock who is also the son of a wealthy narco-politician.”

I’ve spoken with Mikhail, and told me that “Dead Kids” will be released following “Block Z”, a zombie-thriller starring Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. That film is set for release in December 2019, and it’s aiming for an R-13 rating.

Red also spoke about his other projects, including “Neomanila”, a coming-of-age thriller set against the backdrop of EKJs starring Eula Valdez and Timothy Mabalot. The film is currently available on VOD platforms in Europe, and Red shares that they’re working to make the film available locally.

“Rekorder”, his acclaimed debut feature, Red considers being the most difficult film to make. “I was young, inexperienced, and only had one camera and a one-million budget,” he says.

Red also shared some films down the pipeline, including a “quantum physics sci-fi” that’s been three years into development to be shot in Japan, and has recently been gaining some traction. There’s also an intriguing “mini-series” project in the works. This, including “Block Z” and “Dead Kids”, Mikhail says, “have action elements” in them. He also shares that his dream project is a historical film set in World War II.

Finally, Mikhail shares some great insights about filmmaking. Of pitching ideas to producers, Mikhail tells his followers: “Always pitch it as a package deal,” meaning both you as a filmmaker and the film you’re pitching. “Make the producers know that only you can make this film.” 

About starting a filmmaking career even for people who studied a different course, Red said: “Kaya yan! Make micro-budget shorts and join film workshops or internships. Create networks in film sets,” he counsels. “I dropped out of college to pursue filmmaking full time!”