New “Detective Pikachu” trailer uncovers new plot details

What do those purple eyes mean?

WATCH: New “Detective Pikachu” trailer confirms rumored plot details
Film(s) featured:
Detective Pikachu
Rob Letterman
Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Ken Watanabe...
Release Date
May 9, 2019

Yesterday was Pokémon Day, and like Halloween, the holiday keeps on giving.

Following the announcement (attached with a full-fledged trailer) of The Pokémon Company’s mainline Pokémon RPGs—Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield—a new trailer for the Ryan Reynolds-led live-action Pokémon film, Detective Pikachu, has dropped, confirming a major plot thread rumored to unravel in the movie.

Now, if you want to come into Detective Pikachu completely oblivious to what goes down, I urge you to click out now while you can, because we’re breaking down major spoilers.

If you’ve played the same-name Nintendo 3DS game on which the new film is based, you’ll be familiar with the arc where certain Pokémon go berserk and wreak havoc in towns and cities. It’s caused by a certain genome simply called Berserk Gene which super-strengthens Pokémon and causes them to become violent. As to who’s the culprit and how Tim (Justice Smith) and Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) will stop it, I’ll leave out for now.

WATCH: New “Detective Pikachu” trailer confirms rumored plot details

WATCH: New “Detective Pikachu” trailer confirms rumored plot details

Though there’s no verbal reference to the Berserk Gene in the trailer, you can clearly see the eyes of some Pokémon who look rather taunted and violent. A prime example is Aipom, who up until this point has been known to be one of the cheeriest Pocket Monsters in history.

What does this tell us? To me, it seems like the filmmakers are being a bit more faithful to the source material. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is entirely up to the final cut, which will start screening in Philippine theaters May 9, 2019.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Check out this brand-spanking-new poster for the film as well:

WATCH: New “Detective Pikachu” trailer confirms rumored plot details