STREAM: The original soundtrack for "Paglisan" is here!

The original soundtrack for Carl Papa’s “Paglisan” just dropped

The animation drama features music from Ian Veneracion, Eula Valdez, Teressa Barrozo, and more!

Carl Papa’s “Paglisan” is among the better films from Cinema One Originals’ roster this year. The film, which Geoff lauds in his review for having an emotionally engaging story, follows the story of Crisanto (Ian Veneracion) and Dolores (Eula Valdez) as they combat the former’s Alzheimer’s.

Months into its premiere at the Cinema One Originals festival, the official soundtrack has finally arrived. The original soundtrack features most of the songs in the film, including Veneracion’s wide-eyed “Hari ng Kwento” and Valdez’s bittersweet confessional, “Buhay Teatro”. The soundtrack is under the helm of Teressa Barrozo, who contributes to the soundtrack a velvety interlude with the one-minute track, “Ode to Love”. Barrozo would later share a win for Best Music with Erwin Romulo’s work in Whammy Alcazaren’s “Never Tear Us Apart”. 

Listen to the soundtrack, in full by clicking the button above.

STREAM: The original soundtrack for "Paglisan" is here!
Still from “Paglisan”