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QCinema 2019: Short film lineup, unveiled

QCinema 2019: Short film lineup, unveiled

QCinema / Illustration: Unreel

We’re fast approaching the back-half of the year, and that means we’re very close to film festival season in the Philippines. One of the top players in the space, the QCinema International Film Festival (or QCIFF as we’d like to call it here), has just announced its lineup of short films in the QCShorts Selection.

The lineup consists of six diverse short film entries from filmmakers both established and ones who are new to the scene. The short films included in the QCShorts Selection this year include “Excuse Me Miss, Miss, Miss” by Sonny Calvento; “Here, Here” by Joanna Marian Cesario; “Isang Daa’t Isang Mariposa” by Norvin De Los Santos; “Judy Free” by Che Tagyamon; ”SPID” by Alejo Barbaza and Mervine Aquino; and “TOKWIFI” by Carla Pulido Ocampo.

Here are the synopses for the shorts:

“Excuse Me Miss, Miss, Miss” tells the story of a salesgirl who discovers the ultimate secret to regularization.

“Here, Here” is about Koi, a 22-year-old who returns and refamiliarizes himself with his home years after a foreign extraction company began its mining operations.

In “Isang Daa’t Isang Mariposa”, a 100-year-old pious and pragmatic Lola Perla visits her ex-lover’s son to bail him out of jail to dance with her in exchange for the money after claiming the P100,000 award from the government for centenaries.

“Judy Free” is about a young girl and her father. Her reality is intruded when her father suddenly comes home as an animated doodle figure after being away for almost a decade.

  • Sonny Calvento
  • Che Tagyamon
  • Norvin Delos Santos
  • Joanne Marian Cesario