The “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 Full Trailer is Here

13 reasons why season 2 trailer

“Hannah Wasn’t the Only One” teases the first full trailer of the second season of Netflix’ “13 Reasons Why”.

As Clay and the other students of Liberty High try to pick up the pieces after the events in Season 1, a cryptic polaroid makes its way into Clay’s locker, suggesting that there’s more to what happened to Hannah than what everyone thinks. Click the play button above to see the trailer.

Some of the students are taken to the trial with regards to Hannah’s death. It seems though that someone wants them to keep quiet. Jessica gets a message saying “Who would believe a drunk slut”, and Justin gets a death threat.

“We’re all in this together now”, says Bryce. Maybe he needs all the help he can get after the work “Rapist” is scrawled over his locker.

While it appears that there’s so much to look forward to, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. Like what happened to Alex? How will Tyler cope and what choices will Tyler make in the face of his social isolation?

“13 Reasons Why” will return to Netflix on May 18.



In preparation for the launch of Season 2, new resources will be added to including an updated Discussion Guide and a new Discussion Series – a set of videos where cast address issues in the series including bullying, sexual assault and drug abuse. We encourage you to explore these tools and direct readers to should they need help or support.