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“Under the Silver Lake” Trailer: David Robert Mitchell’s Bizarro Neo-Noir

“Under the Silver Lake” Trailer: David Robert Mitchell’s Bizarro Neo-Noir

WATCH: "Under the Silver Lake" Trailer Teases Bizarre Neo-NoirDavid Robert Mitchell has a new film called “Under the Silver Lake”. But here’s the thing: it looks nothing like a David Robert Mitchell film. Every lick of sombre from Mitchell’s signature American suburbia and listlessness seem to have been replaced with a frenzy of off-kilter dark humor and psychidelic interludes.

The trailer is finally here via A24. I’ve watched it. And in its current form, I’ve sort of fallen in love with it.

Watch the trailer by clicking the play button above. And while you’re at it, check out the synopsis below:

An aimless young man becomes an unwitting detective when his beautiful neighbor vanishes.

The film stars Andrew Garfield (“Never Let Me Go”), Riley Keough (“Logan Lucky”), Jimmi Simpson (“Westworld”), and a whole ensemble of talented people. Mitchell is also working with cinematographer Mike Gioulakis and composer Rich Vreeland, both adept film technicians who have worked on “It Follows,” Mitchell’s previous film.

There’s no official release date for the Philippines yet, but it’s slated for a June 22nd release in the U.S.

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