Sarah Geronimo gets lost in first teaser for Jun Lana’s new film “Unforgettable”

The new movie also stars Regine Velasquez.

"Unforgettable" Teaser: Sarah Geronimo gets lost in new film
Sarah Geronimo in "Unforgettable" // Viva Films
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Jun Lana
Sarah Geronimo, Regine Velasquez, Happy
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Viva has dropped the first teaser for “Unforgettable”, the new film starring Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez. Jun Lana, whose “The Panti Sisters” is due for release this month at the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, directs.

The teaser offers very little detail as to what the story is all about. We know from the material that Geronimo’s character runs with a dog named Happy. “Nawawala tayo,” she admits to her adorable canine friend.

Also, from the way she says it, we can deduce that the character is neurodivergent, with fans pointing that it is autism or at least some form of it. And while we think it’s absolutely bonkers that the internet is collectively diagnosing a fictitious character’s mental condition, we also think there’s weight to the theories. Another theory is that Sarah’s character has early-onset Alzheimer’s, hence the title.

Watch the full teaser below:

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“Unforgettable” comes to theaters soon.

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