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You can now watch "Shake, Rattle & Roll" episodes for FREE
Manilyn Reynes in "Impakto" // Regal Films

Looking for old “Shake, Rattle & Roll” movies online? Watch them for free on YouTube.

Full SRR episodes are now up on YouTube!

Film(s) featued:
"Shake, Rattle & Roll" movies
Film studio:
Regal Films
Release Date (YouTube):
October 16, 2019
Last updated:

The last Shake, Rattle & Roll movie came out five years ago. The fifteenth entry to the franchise, SRR XV leaves us a grand total of forty-five horror stories that range from the occult, Filipino folklore, urban legends, and more.

Though its resurgence failed in recent years—once, the responsibility fell solely on the shoulders of Chito S. Roño with SRR Fourteen: The Invasion—the iconic anthology film series is an invaluable artifact of genre cinema in the Philippines. The 1984 original, which rallied together Emmanuel Borlaza, Ishmael Bernal, and Peque Gallaga, brought three indelible frightful fables.

This year, Regal is sharing full episodes from old Shake, Rattle & Roll films to stream for free on YouTube. I’m not one to read into things, but this can mean that the studio might be “screen testing” the episodes, hoping to drum up interest should they decide to make more SRR movies.

On the flip side, this can mean nothing at all: just a film studio trying to make a quick buck off of their vast movie library. As of press time, there have been a handful of episodes uploaded, all from Parts IV through VI. You can watch them all on Regal’s official YouTube channel.

Here are a couple of episodes to get you started:

It’s safe to assume that Regal will be uploading all of the entries in the series.

However, it’s curious that they have started with Shake, Rattle & Roll IV. The first three films are undoubtedly the series’ best. The fact that it’s not uploaded yet is suspect.

It leads me to believe that there are some backstage kerfuffles that keep the studio from uploading the episodes from the original 1984 film. Because if fans (this writer included) will lose their minds when the “Pridyider” episode is finally available online for free, why wouldn’t you do it?

As a close, if you’d like to watch every Shake, Rattle & Roll movie, your best bet is with streaming sites like iWant, iflix, and if you want the old ones, Video48.

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