Year-End (Video) Review: Our favorite moments this year in movies

Watch our first-ever video essay.

Year-End (Video) Review: Our favorite moments this year in movies
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Armando Dela Cruz, Geoff Ledesma
Films featured:
“Ang Panahon Ng Halimaw”, “Asuang”, "Billie & Emma"...

While many of you are ready to move onward with 2019, I figured it would be nice to take a look back at our favorite moments in movies from the year 2018.

We have always wanted to dabble in video essaying, and the new year seems an opportune moment to actually do it. Some days ago, we uploaded our first—a supercut of our personal favorite films, about thirty of them—and the response have been validating, to say the least. This informs me that maybe Unreel might have a future in multimedia (having already dipped our toes in podcasting).

Personally, I’d like to make year-ender videos a yearly thing. It’s very fun making it. The whole process of sourcing clips, trailers, and splicing them all together makes me feel like a craftsman, as though I’m a filmmaker myself creating a wholly different work.

Obviously, I missed a couple of *great* films in the cut. The first being James Mayo’s “Kuya Wes”, which presented an affecting tale about loneliness. The second is Keith Deligero’s “A Brief History of a Few Bad Things”, which scratched my itch for idiosyncratic detective noirs. There’s no excuse here. These two slipped my mind and working on a strict self-imposed deadline, I wasn’t able to add them upon remembering. If I could do it again, I would add the two films and they would have made the cut even better.

Year-End (Video) Review: Our favorite moments this year in movies

The full list of the films can be seen on the final frames of the video. But if you need it, it’s here:

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